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Label: Glossa
Catalog: GCD924207

Schayegh, Leila; Centifolia, La

Who doesn't like the ciaccona, ciacona or chaconne - the exuberant dance in which the upper voices fantasize over a bass scheme, imitating and inspiring each other. The ciaconna, which may have come to Spain from South America, quickly spread throughout Europe and even found its way into popular music. Leila Shayegh and her musician friends from La Centifolia play a whole round of chaconnas, some famous, some unknown, by Bertali, Purcell, Schmelzer Matteis, Corelli or anonymous composers from the famous collection from the "Schrank no. 2" in Dresden. The climax and conclusion is the famous "Canon" (with "Gigue", which is usually neglected) by Johann Pachelbel, played with a liveliness and transparency that is rarely heard in this frequently played piece!

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