Master Of Guitar Vol. 5: Italy (recordings 1930/ 1

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Label: IDIS
Catalog: IDIS6748

Taraffo, Pasquale; Mozzani, Luigi; Gangi, Mario; Parodi, Mario; Mariotti, Luigi; Giulietti, Giulio

In Italy, the guitar had a difficult time being considered a classic instrument like it was in other countries. The first guitar course was instituted in Italian conservatories in 1965 but even in the 70s and 80s many Concerto Societies did not have or promote even the most internationally famous guitarists. This new release collects six performances by guitar students. The album begins with Pasquale Taraffo, who can be considered the perfect example of a performer on the edge between classical and popular music. The album ends with Mario Parodi, an extraordinary performer and musician who is unfortunately often overlooked. The other four protagonists of this new release are part of the Italian guitar revival: from Giulio Giulietti, to Luigi Mozzani and from Luigi Mariotti to Mario Gangi, who made classic guitar famous throughout Italy with his television appearances.

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