V2: Complete Cantatas

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Label: CPO
Catalog: 555437-2

Schwarz, Gotthold; Grutzka, Julie; Neumeyer Consort; Mammel, Hans Jörg; Segger, Luca; Koch, Felix; Gutenberg Soloists; Kelly, Fabian; Begemann, Hans Christoph; Fink, Lieselotte; Götz, Sabine

If you are still looking for proof that quantity and quality need not be mutually exclusive in the case of composing geniuses, you will find plenty here. Listening and discovering is pure pleasure, wrote FonoForum when the first part of Telemann's cantatas of the French Year was released on cpo. And Vol. 2 of our large-scale and unbelievably exciting project with the world's first complete recording of a complete vintage of 72 large-scale church cantatas by Georg Philipp Telemann (Frankfurt 1714 / 15) again does justice to these statements. This time, on 2 albums, cantatas for Laetare (Sunday of the Dead), Oculi (Sunday of Lent), Easter and the 22nd to 24th Sundays after Trinity can be heard, depending on the occasion with different musical means of expression and very expressive. It is this ingenuity, this astonishing imagination, which accounts for Telemann's special status - today as well as during his lifetime. Worth discovering, not only for Telemann fans!

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