Mendelssohn-hensel: Das Jahr - 12 Charakterstücke

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Catalog: DACOCD957

Bjørkøe, Christina

1805-1847 were a short time to live for the very talented sister of Felix. History aimed the spotlight on the brother, not without justice, for he was a musical genius and to many an icon. His sister, Fanny, who later married and took the last name Hensel, often played four-hand with brother Felix, she was a fine singer and music came as natural to her as to her brother. Sadly time only allowed her too few compositions, but what we have today should be much more appreciated. The 12 piano pieces, each for every month of the year surely could have been composed by Felix and they lack nothing in brilliance, musicality and pianistic virtuosity. Leading Danish pianist Christina Bjørkøe gives a splendid performance.

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