V2: Flute Sonatas

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Catalog: ARC 22031

Clara Guldberg Ravn Anna Paradiso Mats Olofsson Jonas Nordberg

The second album by the Danish recorder player Clara Guldberg Ravn completes the flute sonatas by Martinus Ræhs in a particularly exciting and colorful way. Together, the two albums represent the first complete recording of his flute sonatas. While a fortepiano was included on the first album (released in 2020), the ensemble decided to employ a completely original Swedish clavichord (Pehr Lindholm, Stockholm 1794) which, in contrast to the harpsichord, can produce crescendi, diminuendi and vibrato called bebung. Ræhs’ sonatas have many different style elements, rhythmical patterns and syncopated motives. He presents himself as a composer well versed in the styles of contemporary Europe.

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