Alcibiade L?amant D?athenes

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Jean-Manuel Roubineau

The Presses Universitaires de France and Frémeaux & Associés offer this biography of Alcibiades, analyzed and explained by Jean-Manuel Roubineau, lecturer in ancient history and specialist in social history and the history of ancient sport. “The richest life that I know of to be lived among the living (…) is, all things considered, that of Alcibiades at my pleasure”. It is with these words that Montaigne presents Alcibiades, a colorful character, emblematic of ancient wars. A pupil of Socrates, endowed with an insolent beauty, renowned for his remarkable eloquence, he was accused of being involved in the religious scandals of his time. An intrepid soldier, a skillful, daring strategist, he enabled Athens to win some brilliant victories. Two-faced Janus, epic hero, endowed with the brilliance of genius, Alcibiades oscillated between two existences, one full of glory and recognition, and the other filled with betrayal, exile, poverty and hatred. . Jean-Manuel Roubineau introduces us to this extraordinary personality, whom the poet Lord Byron, captivated by the romantic personality of Alcibiades, places without hesitation at the top of the pantheon of illustrious Ancients.

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