Petit Scarabee Agit

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Elodie Huber

Today, Petit Scarabée is reading a beautiful story: the legend of the little hummingbird. “One day, a terrible fire ravaged the entire forest. All animals seek to flee. All except one, a very small bird, a hummingbird, which decides to roll up its feathers and quickly fetches water from the lake. He comes back above the fire and throws a few drops of water on it. Then it starts again, again and again. Seeing his merry-go-round, all the animals stop, astonished: “But why are you doing this? It's no use! – I am doing my part, replies the hummingbird. All animals then understand that they too can do their part. And that if everyone gets involved at the same time, it can change everything... One by one they decide to participate and help the little hummingbird and soon the fire is under control.” Inspired, Little Beetle declares: “I too will do my part!” And you, does this story speak to you? If you want to take action, but you don't know where to start, Petit Scarabée will give you ideas.

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