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Bridger, Johan; Danish Chamber Players; Heise, Mathias; Mogensen, Bjarke

All my life I have admired, studied and performed the music of the extraordinary Argentinian composer, Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). So, when I was offered the chance to publish a whole instrumental Piazzolla album of my own for the centenary of his birth, I decided to base my tribute solely on Piazzolla titles but… with a little something extra. I decided to design a varied and comprehensive listening experience - an hour of accordion solos, instrumental duos, and pieces that I arranged for accordion and a small ensemble as a tribute to the Master of Tango! The music is all Astor but with a touch of Bjarke here and there and maybe everywhere, in fact. There are no singers involved, but Piazzolla’s music sings, and our instruments sing, and at every corner there is melancholy, tripping feet, fast figures, and an atmosphere of Buenos Aires.” (Bjarke Mortense) All of Piazzolla’s more than 750 works are inextricably bound to an essential and unmistakable Argentinian identity. His output includes an opera, music for the theatre, film scores, concertos, chamber music and songs. He loved to startle the listener by spicing up his music with chromaticism, dissonance and abrupt surprises: yet Piazzolla paid homage to Johann Sebastian Bach on almost every page he ever wrote. In commemoration of the genius of Nuevo Tango the young Danish master of the modern accordion, Bjarke Mortensen and his friends serve up a true musical banquet that will satisfy all tastes. This album features three major works for organ by French composer Guy Miaille. Au Saint Nau, recorded by Anna Gorbach, is a suite of dances based on a Christmas carol which originated in Poitou in the 16th century. The dances of the suite conform to the forms of those of that era. They are variants of a single timbre rather than traditional variations. The Six préludes divers et Six fugues pour l’orgue were recorded by Anna Gorbach and Viktor Kisten. The ancient forms of prelude and fugue, fantasy and toccata, used for centuries by the greatest geniuses of the musical world, have never lost their appeal. The old and rigorous contrapuntal writing procedures from which they draw are still usable when they are renewed by an innovative language. The Livre d’orgue, recorded by organist Viktor Kisten, is worthy of a master composer. It was written to honor the memory of his friend Jean Boyer, immense organist and outstanding pedagogue, and also to pay a significant tribute to Canon Henri Carol who was his first master and whose perfection he admired. The work evokes the compositional figures that consecrated the greatness of the masters of the 18th century Europe. The Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic “SERGHEI LUNCHEVICI” of the Republic of Moldova under Mihail Agafita presents the new album Chisnau 3. The outstanding album includes 7 world premiere recordings by 7 contemporary composers: Ruth Alon, Jerome de Bromhead, Lars Michael Fetzek, Brian Field, Juan Pablo Medina, Christian Paterniti and Neil Stipp. The Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic “SERGHEI LUNCHEVICI” was founded in 1930 and during its activity was the emissary of art and culture, becoming one of the top ensembles in the country. Currently, the Orchestra brings together a group of over 80 professional musicians, being an artistic assemble with rich musical traditions and intense concert activity. Besides many conductors who worked at the orchestra, for a long time (1953-1979) Timofei Gurtovoi held the position of conductor and artistic director. In the next 15 years, the conductor Dumitru Goia provided the artistic leadership of the team. Since 2004, Mihail Agafiţa heads the Orchestra. Journey to the fluid infinity" is how harpsichordist Julie Ventoura describes Bach‘s Goldberg Variations. "This music is an elegy to the authentic, an invocation to the essential". Through the richesse of this divine music, she described the freedom of expression and the profundity of feelings, she lets the music breathe. JULIE VENTOURA started her musical training on piano at National Conservatory of Athe

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