Vv.aa.: Lirica Da Camera Sui Testi Di Pascoli, Mor

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Catalog: TC950007

Chen, Andrea Jin; Boschetti, Monica; Zanca, Pia; Carnevali, Giacomo; Montanari, Omar

The pieces recorded here have a common characteristic: they are all inspired by lines of poets who were born in Romagna or attracted by this enchanted land. On the one hand Pascoli and Moretti, on the other Panzini, who was practically a citizen of Rimini, and Carducci, who was an enthusiastic visitor in the countryside of Cesena. Romagna is the place where their respective memorial buildings stand, ranging from those in San Mauro Pascoli and Cesenatico to the Casa Rossa in Bellaria and Villa Silvia in Lizzano, above Renato Serra’s Cesena. These four houses actually have been united by a strong project, whose goal was to give rise to a musical competition under the aegis of the four illustrious men of letters. This was the origin of the “Primo Concorso internazionale di composizione lirica da camera su testi di poeti e scrittori di Romagna”, organized by N.O.T.A. Music, a cultural association that is quite zealous and innovative in the sphere of didactic and productive activities. A selection from this competition is included in the program of this album.

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