Papadimitriou: Piano Concerto

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Catalog: 9012229-6
Format: SACD

Titos Gouvelis Athens State Orchestra

Cosmopolitan like his hometown Alexandria: in Dimitris Papadimitriou's work, traditional European music meets folklore from the Mediterranean, ancient Greek tonality combines with modern contemporary sounds. George Petrou has now recorded Papadimitriou's orchestral works with the Athens State Orchestra, together with Titos Gouvelis, who lends power and brilliance to the solo part of the piano concerto. The Piano Concerto is the main work on this finely balanced Super Audio album. The focus is on the relationship of the individual to his environment - sometimes affectionately turned towards, sometimes indifferently passive, sometimes militantly aggressive. Especially in the large-scale third movement, conflict dominates, with the huge orchestra threatening to swallow up the soloist from time to time. The excerpts from the suite "Miniatures" form a good overview of Papadimitriou's oeuvre. "Incompleteness" refers to Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem with its indissolubility striving from dissonance to dissonance, and "Pollock" sets up a sounding monument to the inventor of "action painting" with the musical recreation of fractal structures.

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