Reusner: Delitiae Testudinis

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Label: Linn Records
Catalog: CKD679

William Carter

Linn welcomes back lute virtuoso William Carter in a program of works by another virtuoso, Esaias Reusner (1636–79), who worked and performed across Europe. Born in Silesia, he was considered to be one of the best lute players of his time and his influence was extensive. ‘Some may be drawn to the brilliance and noise of thunder and lightning, but ever since my youth, the soft and sweet sonorities of noble music has been my only pleasure’, so writes Reusner in the preface of his major work, Delitiae testudinis. This collection, introspective in essence, is outstanding not just for its exceptional quality but because it contains the very first dance suites — for any instrument! – published in Europe. This sequence of dances (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gigue) was a form used by virtually every Baroque composer who followed, including Bach and Handel. Carter has recorded three of these suites and also pieces from later publications, some of which are premiere recordings.

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