Josquin Des Prez: Tant Vous Aime

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC436

Dadre, Denis Raisin; Doulce Mémoire

Josquin Desprez, princeps musicorum, the prince of musicians, as his contemporaries called him, is best known today for his sacred works, the masses and motets, which have been widely performed and recorded. Surprisingly, his chansons have received little attention from performers, except for the pieces for five and six voices, printed after his death by the Antwerp publisher Tilman Susato in his seventh book of 1545. Doulce Mémoire has chosen to focus on the chansons for three and four voices, which are probably the earliest in the Hainault master’s output; with their diversity of language and themes (sometimes folk-derived), these songs constitute a varied program that is at once serious and bawdy, a testament to the unequalled art of Josquin Desprez.

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