Schubert: Violin Sonatas / Neudauer

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Label: CPO
Catalog: 555153-2
Format: CD

Brunner, Wolfgang; Neudauer, Lena

Together with Wolfgang Brunner on the fortepiano, the successful violinist Lena Neudauer now turns to Franz Schubert’s four violin sonatas on cpo. The first three works from 1816 have continued to be incorrectly labeled as sonatinas because the original publisher, Anton Diabelli, issued them under this title in 1836 in order to increase their sales potential. The Sonata in A major composed only a year after the first three more strongly develops Schubert’s characteristic lyricism, the formal structure is more varied, the piano part is of greater tonal refinement, and the work as a whole is longer than the three earlier works. Wolfgang Brunner has selected two different fortepianos: an original instrument from ca. 1810-15 from Franz Münzenberger’s workshop for the earlier sonatas and a Romantic Hammerflügel by Conrad Graf for the grand Sonata in A major. Lena Neudauer performs on a Lorenzo Guadagnini violin from 1743 with gut strings.

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