My Choice

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Catalog: 910278-2

Yasuda, Fumio; Orlando, Courtney; Kammerorchester Basel; Burhans, Caleb; Reynolds, Todd; refuge trio; Ruf, Bernd; Hollenbeck, John; Hey, Henry; Sutter, Wendy; Sverrisson, Skúli; Kneebody; Bleckmann, Theo

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary [10 years of JMT from 1985 to 1995 and (since 1996) 25 years of WINTER & WINTER] WINTER & WINTER releases a series called "My Choice". Producers Mariko Takahashi and Stefan Winter ask the core musicians to create a "director's cut" of their work. Each album »My Choice« hold surprises, make you sit up and take notice, and offer a most interesting look at contemporary interpretations of key works from the world of composed and improvised music. Theo Bleckmann: When I listen to my own recordings, I sometimes cringe and other times I brace for impact and it’s: »not that bad!«. The entire experience of listening to myself depends on my mood and mind-set at that moment, and I have yet to figure out when and where is best moment to do so [or if at all]. This is a selection of music from a decade of collaborating with producer Stefan Winter on a myriad of projects. I most always feel good about these tracks, no matter what mood or day it is and so this is “My Choice.”

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