Andrés Segovia And His Contemporaries, Vol. 14

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Catalog: DHR-8139

Rodes, Rosita; Almirón, Lalyta; Borrull, Miguel; Andre Kostelanetz Orchestra; Alfonso, Francisco; Kostelanetz, Andre; Sorrosal de Villalonga, Alfonso; Gómez, Vicente Martinez; Segovia, Andrés; Iglesias, Angel; Maravilla, Luis

Segovia & His Contemporaries Vol. 14 continues to explore pioneering recordings made by (mostly) Spanish guitarists formed by Tárrega’s foremost disciples. It opens with never-before released radio broadcasts by Segovia from 1943 and 1957. A wide range of artists is represented, among them several who were also superb flamenco guitarists—Miguel Borrull, Luis Maravilla, Vicente Gómez, and Ángel Iglesias. There are rare recordings by Rosa Rodes, a distinguished student of Miguel Llobet, and Francisco Alfonso, a disciple of Emilio Pujol, who died tragically at only 32. The Argentinean prodigy Lalyta Almiron is heard at the age of 16 in 1931 as well as the Zaragosan virtuoso, Alfonso Sorrosal, who sadly died in his 40s.

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