Dave Young Trio - Trouble In Mind

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Label: Modica Music
Catalog: 82998220670
Format: CD

Dave Young Trio

1. Bud Powell 04:52 2. Peaceful 06:45 3. Make Me A Pallet On The Floor 05:04 4. Trouble In Mind 04:39 5. Girl With The Hat 05:31 6. To A Brother 06:36 7. Winter Song 05:15 8. Gary 05:38 9. Weaver Of Dreams 05:45

This trio has existed for several yearend has always produced some exciting musical performances.. After discussing the recording project with our producer Roberto Occhipinti, we booked his studio for a day in June 2019 and came up with trio and quartet tracksThe musicians - Reg Schwager, Kevin Turcotte and myself- recorded a variety of music ranging from Blues to impressionistic compositions from Denmark with several mainstream compositions in the middle. My thanks and appreciation to Roberto for his unerring guidance in producing this music.And my complete musical "thanks" to Kevin and Reg for their wonderful creative talent.

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