Metamorphosen Berlin - Very British

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Metamorphosen Berlin, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt

The new recording is entirely devoted to British music and offers a magnificent selection of works by both famous and lesser-known composers: recorded are works by Edward Elgar (1857-1934), Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), Peter Warlock (1894-1930) and Karl Jenkins (*1944). The album opens with the earliest masterpiece, the famous Serenade in E minor for string orchestra by Edward Elgar, one of the greatest British composers and leading European composers of his generation. Among the hallmarks of Elgar's compositions are ingratiating character pieces that often share elements with English folk music. For this recording, a selection of these pieces, originally written for violin, have been rearranged for cello by Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt and presented as world premiere recordings: Romance, Salut d'amour, Mot d'amour, Bizarrerie, Idylle, Rosemary, Carissima, Adieu and La Capricieuse can, in a sense, be seen as "short stories" whose content, associations and emotions are immediately apparent A central figure in 20th century British music is Benjamin Britten. Metamorphosen Berlin has recorded his "Simple Symphony"; this symphony is one of the few purely orchestral works within Britten's extensive oeuvre and is based on eight themes from his childhood that were particularly close to the composer's heart The album also presents Peter Warlock's "Capriol Suite," based on six Renaissance dances. The six miniatures describe historical village scenes in a highly effective and virtuosic manner. The final piece on the album is the famous first movement of Karl Jenkins' "Palladio," a tribute to the Italian Renaissance architect of the same name: Andrea Palladio. "I am thrilled that Metamorphosen Berlin has recorded such a stunning version of my piece Palladio", Karl Jenkins himself said about this recording.

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