Mozart Across Boundaries

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Catalog: MV127


“Music, especially Mozart’s, has an order to it – a certainty that you can’t find in real life.” So says Morgan Icardi. His own life, however, has an unyielding order to it. For a fourteen-year-old, it’s quite busy. He spends hours studying every day. His packed schedule obliges his father, Guido, to drive him all over the place. There are the piano lessons in Monferrato, with Anna Maria Cigoli, a legend who has shaped generations of Italian performers. Then they ride over the hills, all the way to Valenza, in order to master the violin with Roberto Ranfaldi, the concertmaster of RAI National Symphony Orchestra. Then on to Milan, to the Claudio Abbado school, where – despite his young age – Morgan is studying orchestral conducting, under Renato Rivolta. And then there are the lessons with Giampaolo Pretto, the flutist and conductor. Those are in Turin, Morgan’s hometown. Only two words can explain this pace of work: drive and talent. The present release showcases this young talent conducting works by Mozart.

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