Anthologie Dany Doriz

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Catalog: FA5787

Guin, François; Swing System D; Duchemin, Philippe; Tissendier, Claude; Dibango, Manu; Fougeret, Alain; Mulot, Jean-Pierre; Gossez, Pierre; Lobligeois, Roland; Arvanitas, Georges; Laferrière, Stan; Huck, Daniel; Saury, Maxime; Ray, Guy; Hoffman, Jeff; Scott, Rhoda; Dany Doriz et Son Grand Orchestra; Garros, Christian; Rebillard, Jean-Pierre; Miles, Butch; Peslier, Nicolas; Memphis Slim,; Vasseur, Benny; Doriz, Dany; Raingo, Gérard; Dorise, Didier; Villeger, Andre; Dany Doriz et Sa Grande Formation; Duban

One of his illustrious careers has been his ownership of the Caveau de la Huchette in Paris, the city’s underground jazz temple and the last club in the world where jazz is for dancing. The other is that Dany Doriz is a grand master of the vibraphone and a peerless bandleader. Including many rarities items and previously unreleased sessions, this 3-album set looks back on 60 years of jazz history, and the vibes player has sailed through the decades with an indestructible sense of swing. Lionel Hampton once dubbed Doriz his “spiritual son” and, since the early 60s, Dany has pursued a playing career in an incredible groove that has featured the likes of Stéphane Grappelli, Hampton or Claude Bolling, Rhoda Scott and Sacha Distel, not to mention Memphis Slim, Manu Dibango or Marcel Azzola...

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