Vangelis: Juno To Jupiter

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Label: DECCA
Catalog: B003290002
Format: CD

01 Vangelis: Atlas' push 02 Vangelis: Inside our perspectives 03 Vangelis: Out in Space 04 Vangelis: Juno's Quiet determination 05 Vangelis: Jupiter's intuition 06 Vangelis: Juno's power 07 Vangelis: Space's mystery road 08 Vangelis: In the magic of Cosmos 09 Vangelis: Juno's tender call 10 Vangelis: Juno's echoes 11 Vangelis: Juno's ethereal breeze 12 Vangelis: Jupiter's veil of clouds 13 Vangelis: Hera I Juno Queen of the Gods 14 Vangelis: Zeus Almighty 15 Vangelis: Jupiter Rex 16 Vangelis: Juno's accomplishments 17 Vangelis: Apo 22 18 Vangelis: In Serenitate

A musical experience unlike no other – accompanied by NASA resources • Inspired by the ground‐breaking mission of NASA’s ‘Juno’ space probe, and its on‐going exploration of Jupiter • Jupiter – King of the Roman Gods, and the name of the largest planet in our Solar System • 80% of the sounds on this album are actually real space sounds • A multi‐dimensional musical journey through electronic, progressive, ambient, techno, orchestral and vocal music • Features international opera superstar Angela Gheorghiu

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