Release Me 2 / Barbra Streisand

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Nine years ago, Barbra Streisand released her compilation album "Release Me", which made it to number seven on the charts in the USA. The sequel, "Release Me 2", will be released in 2021. As with its predecessor, this is a collection of rare, previously unreleased tracks. On her website, the American singer wrote: "Working on this second edition of 'Release Me' has been a nice walk down memory lane ... a chance to revisit songs that still hold special meaning for me and, in some cases, give them a final instrumental polish. I'm particularly impressed by the continued relevance of 'Be Aware' and 'One Day', which still speak to our collective sense of humanity." Streisand already presented a first taste of "Release Me 2" with the song "I'd Want It To Be You," in which she can be heard alongside country legend Willie Nelson. The song was supposed to appear on her duets album "Partners" from 2014, but was not finished in time. But now her fans can enjoy them, as well as nine other treasures that have lain dormant in the singer's archives, including duets with Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and Kermit the Frog. "Sometimes [...] when the arrangement doesn't quite work or the song no longer fits the sound of the album it was intended for, the tapes go into the vault for safekeeping," says the 79-year-old. "Release Me 2" is available as an LP and as a CD in a digipak with a 32-page booklet featuring liner notes by Barbra Streisand and her producer Jay Landers.

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