Sani: Tempestate - Orchestral Works

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Catalog: STR37186

Vidolin, Alvise; Angius, Marco; Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto

Nicola Sani does not sterilize art music in a smug, celibate stylistic game with the risk of marginalizing it, in the context of global reception, as an expression of a wealthy minority of the western white bourgeoisie. He outlines a possible contemporary humanism, in which the creative relationship with technology proves to be necessary and fertile, not submissive or idolatrous. It invites you to remember that, in the history of music, the highest moments came when the creators climbed the crest of the wave of the contemporary thought, confronting it, whether it expressed utopias or crisis, despair or hope. Finally, the compositions collected in this CD invite you to rethink and remodel the listening spaces. This music crosses over, goes beyond mere confines. Composers, performers and institutions cannot escape this challenge again, as if it were not their problem. It is, and Tempus fugit.

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