English Song Collection

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Label: NCL
Catalog: 8502507

Rolfe-Johnson, Anthony; Keenlyside, Simon; Wakeford, Lucy; Ogden, Craig; Pitt, Amanda; Fuller, Louisa; Hill, Martyn; Wilson-Johnson, David; Turner, John; Davies, Philippa; Thomas, Joanne; McCready, Ivan; Wenhaston Boys Choir; BBC Singers; Hosford, Richard; Kennedy, Andrew; Booth, Claire; Rozario, Patricia; Spence, Toby; Ainsley, John Mark; Allen, Thomas S.; Bickley, Susan; Bardon, Patricia; Wyn-Rogers, Catherine; Bonell, Carlos; Titus, Graham; Finley, Gerald; Williams, Jeremy Huw; Maltman, Christopher; Sacc

The acclaimed English Song Series celebrates the richness and diversity of British composers, performed by leading interpreters of the repertoire. Growing out of an ancient tradition that still echoes in the folk song arrangements of Benjamin Britten, the British art song draws its inspiration from the English poetic language, the nation’s unique land and seascapes, and the suffering and joy of human emotions. From the delightfully light-hearted songs of Liza Lehmann to the abundance of invention and imagery from today’s composers, this collection is a repository of the essence of British musical craftsmanship at its finest.

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