Walter Braunfels: Don Gil Von Den Grünen Hosen: P

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Catalog: C5429

Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien; Bühl, Gregor

“Slightly the audience remember that I’m – as a descendant of writing tonal music – still alive and continue composing.” (Walter Braunfels, 1946) Walter Braunfels is a composer whose music died twice: Once when the Nazis declared his music “degenerate art”. Then again when post-war Germany had little use for the various schools of tonal music; when the arbiters of taste considered any form of romantic music – almost the whole pre-war aesthetic – to be tainted. This 9th release of Capriccio’s Braunfels Edition shows us also an open-minded composer who experimented with Jazz elements in his Divertimento for radio-orchestra in 1929.

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