Daniil Trifonov - Silver Age (180g)

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Label: DG
Catalog: B003347401
Format: LP

Daniil Trifonov, Mariinsky Orchestra, Valery Gergiev

Daniil Trifonov's latest album, recorded with Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Orchestra, recalls a time when Russian musicians, poets, visual artists, playwrights and performers were among the most original in the world. Silver Age illustrates the artistic boldness and brilliance of a turbulent era in the country with works by its most avant-garde composers. The pianist's program captures the future-oriented, rule-defying energy of pioneering works by three unusually capable composers. It also shows how typical elements of the Silver Age, such as irony and interest in folk culture or notions from the past, emerge in later compositions by Prokofieff, for example in his music for Cinderella and Piano Sonata No. 8, works of maturity in which he again pursues the musical ideals that once established his reputation as an iconoclastic young composer and pianist. Above all, Trifonov's selection captures the creative diversity of this brief but explosive cultural moment. "Scriabin," says Trifonov, "sought to encapsulate all aesthetic experience in a single, mystical, musical vision; Stravinsky unified the arts through a radical redefinition of ballet; and Prokofieff turned to film as the most complete, modern connection of the senses." The Russian Silver Age paved the way for future artistic developments, and its spirit is rightly celebrated in this new recording.

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