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LOOM is the second album by KALI Trio and shows the consequent development of the original style of the working band. The three Swiss musicians Nicolas Stocker (drums), Urs Müller (e-guitar) und Raphael Loher (piano) weave the various threads of their stylistic background together with relish and fresh skillfulness on their musical loom. The music, created jointly as an organism, is continuously charged in the four tracks and in the overall dramaturgy of the album. It unfolds its rhythmic pull and its mysterious atmosphere in a subtle and inexorable manner. LOOM consists of only four compositions, but clocks in at a few seconds short of the 45 minute mark! It's a beast in scope, but airy (literally) in feel, hence easy to inhale. Each piece plays like the equivalent of a time-lapse of a looming cloud formation –a liquid progression of shifting shapes, changing density as well as shadow and light play. By the virtue of working with subtle iterations of form and using extended swaths of time as the equivalent of a large-scale canvas, the material evokes the mechanics of trance music. The creative use of sound design and general choice of spartan aesthetics, albeit executed using acoustic instruments, emphasize styles club-inclined and tasteful. The overall effect is cinematic and mesmeric; a sonic documentation of a daydream unraveling.

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