Max Richter: Voices 2

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Label: DG
Catalog: B003348002
Format: CD

Max Richter (Klavier & Synthesizer), Mari Samuelsen (Violine), Robert Ziegler

"I like the idea of a piece of music as a place for reflection, and it's quite obvious that we all need to reflect at the moment." (Max Richter) With VOICES 2, Max Richter continues his successful album concept, opening up a musical, universal message of hope in a time of great global changes, with which he tries to unite his audience worldwide through his music Over 10 years he developed the innovative concept VOICES, which is inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While the first part of VOICES focuses on the lyrics of the Declaration of Human Rights, VOICES 2 expands this musical language into a purely instrumental direction. Thus, this second album opens up a space to contemplate and reflect on the questions raised by the first part of this fascinating project For years, Max Richter has been considered one of the most outstanding personalities of a new generation of musicians who fluidly explore the boundaries between electronic music, ambient and classical music. His critically acclaimed albums SLEEP and Vivaldi Recomposed have touched and inspired millions of people worldwide, as have his soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters such as Ad Astra, Mary Queen of Scots or the hit series The Leftovers or My Brilliant Friend.

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