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The Vienna Philharmonic preserves tradition The 2021 New Year's Concert was a New Year's Concert like none before. Due to the current Corona protection measures, it was only allowed to be played in the golden hall of the Vienna Musikverein without an audience. The Vienna Philharmonic and Riccardo Muti were alone with the 14 cameras of the ORF. Worldwide, the television broadcast of this traditional concert reached more than 50 million viewers in over 90 countries. It was eagerly awaited to see what the concert would be like without applause, without the traditional interruption of the second encore introduced by clapping, and without clapping along to the Radetzky March. Riccardo Muti is a proven force at the New Year's Concert. 2021 was his sixth stint at this special event. This makes Muti the busiest New Year's Concert conductor since the Lorin Maazel era. For him, too, there were numerous corona-related restrictions in the past year. His appeal to the Italian government to reconsider closing theatres and concert halls as a measure against the corona pandemic, published in October 2020, received a great deal of media coverage. Music and theater performances are by no means "superfluous"; society needs spiritual nourishment. The Vienna Philharmonic's Summer Night Concert had to be moved from May to September due to the pandemic and took place with almost no audience. In August at the Salzburg Festival and in November on their tour of Japan, the orchestra was able to prove that, with the appropriate effort, concert events are possible despite Covid-19. Back in May, they volunteered to conduct an aerosol expulsion test under medical supervision. From the strings to the flute, this showed various forms of dispersion of the air particles. However, the test showed a low risk of infection from the spread of air breathed by musicians. At the start of the new year, the Vienna Philharmonic once again presented a cheerful, upbeat and contemplative program of symphonic waltzes, polkas and marches by the Strauss dynasty and its contemporaries. Seven pieces had their premiere at a New Year's concert in 2021. Right at the beginning was the "Fatinitza March" by Franz von Suppé. This was followed by the waltz "Schallwellen" by Johann Strauss (Son). Also waltzes played for the first time were "Grubenlichter" by Carl Zeller and "Bad'ner Mad'ln" by Karl Komzák (son). Things got lively with the gallop "In Saus und Braus" by Karl Millöcker and the "Venezianer-Galopp" by Johann Strauss (father). The elegant "Margherita Polka" by Josef Strauss rounded off this year's novelties.

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