Beethoven: Cello Sonatas Op. 5 / Pidoux, Willienco

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Label: harmonia mundi
Catalog: HMM902410
Format: CD

Cello - Raphael Pidoux, Piano - Tanguy de Williencourt

With each new album in the series, which harmonia mundi is releasing in cooperation with the Musée de la musique of Paris, a selected instrument (or several) from the valuable Stradivari collection is presented. The museum houses more than 7,000 objects and instruments and conserves and restores them. Here the cellist Raphaël Pidoux (Trio Wanderer) plays on an instrument by the Venetian Pietro Guarneri from 1734 and the pianist Tanguy de Williencourt on a concert grand piano by the Königsberger Carl Julius Gebauhr from 1855. Beethoven's sonatas op. 5 and several other works can thus be rediscovered for the listener in a completely new way

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