New Year's Concert 2021

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Riccardo Muti & Wiener Philharmoniker

The prestigious concert will be conducted by Riccardo Muti for the 6th time (1993, 1997, 2000, 2004 und 2018). He has conducted the Vienna Philharmonic since 1971 in over 500 concerts in Vienna, Salzburg and around the world. With his sixth concert, he will be the most frequent conductor of this event since the legendary era of Lorin Maazel. The New Year’s Concert live from Vienna is one of the world’s most famous and spectacular classical music events. It will be broadcast on TV and radio and reaches over 90 countries around the world with more than 50 million viewers. REPERTOIRE1. Franz von Suppé                         Fatinitza Marsch *2. Johann Strauß                             Schallwellen, Walzer, op. 148 *3. Johann Strauß                             Niko-Polka, op. 2284. Josef Strauß                                  Ohne Sorgen, Polka schnell, op. 2715. Carl Zeller                                      Grubenlichter, Walzer *6. Carl Millöcker                               In Saus und Braus, Galopp *7. Franz von Suppé                         Ouvertüre zu Dichter und Bauer8. Karl Komzák                                  Bad’ner Mad’ln, Walzer, op. 257 *9. Josef Strauß                                  Margherita-Polka, op. 244 *                                                     10. Johann Strauß Vater               Venezianer-Galopp, op. 74 *11. Johann Strauß                           Frühlingsstimmen, Walzer, op. 410                                        12. Johann Strauß                           Im Krapfenwaldl, Polka français, op. 33613. Johann Strauß                           Neue Melodien-Quadrille, op. 25414. Johann Strauß                           Kaiserwalzer, op. 43715. Johann Strauß                           Stürmisch in Lieb und Tanz, Polka schnell, op. 393* = first performance in a New Year’s Concert