Palmer, G.: Breaking The Silence

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Label: Navona
Catalog: NV6326

Carrigan, Jeanell; Pryor, Shefali; Haveron, Andrew; Crouch, Rowena; Nankervis, Timothy; Celata, Francesco; Hewgill, Catherine; Campbell, David; Chilmaid, Katie; Long, Emma; Verbrugghen Ensemble; Lynch, John P.; Cronin, Jacqui; Costantino, Sandro

Navona Records proudly presents BREAKING THE SILENCE from legendary Australian composer George Palmer. The works featured on this new album draw inspiration from centuries-old poetry as well as the composer’s own life experience; Breaking the Silence unpacks a 17th-century pastoral haiku depicting a lone frog’s leap into a still pond, while Not Going Quietly is a touching tribute to a concert pianist whose life was cut short by a brain tumor. Palmer’s versatility is on full display in this latest collection, with pieces arranged for chamber orchestra, clarinet and string quartet, and oboe and piano. A triumph of contemporary composition and modern recording, BREAKING THE SILENCE is at once approachable and universally captivating.

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