Islands - Essential Einaudi

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Label: DECCA
Catalog: B003303702
Format: CD


1. I Giorni - New Recording 2. the Earth Prelude (Spot Eni) - Unreleased Track 3. Le Onde - New Recording 4. Nightbook 5. Divenire (Spot Orange) 6. Dietro Casa (This Is England Ost) 7. Fairy Tale (DR Zhivago Ost) 8. Nuvole Bianche 9. Passagio 10. Primavera 11. Nefeli 12. Questa Notte 13. Berlin Song (This Is England Ost) 14. Melodia Africana - New Recording

A special anthology of Ludovico Einaudi's best hits is available on the market for the first time. Standard version: Ludovico Einaudi's greatest hits+ a new track and 3 new recordings.

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