Music From All Corners Of The World

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Catalog: CAP 22071

Kilimani Muslim School; Bassa, Khaled; Lubuulwa, Godfrey; Ede Ensemble; Marimba de Conciertos de Bellas Artes; Athanasopoulos-Kalyvas, Petros; Simentera; Kim Sinh; Ikoce; Kusini Dela Dela Group; Lazarova, Vasilika Dimtrova; Samiou, Domna; Daimi, Asik; Mayiga, John Bosco; Rebai, Nouri; Duo Willy and Anibal; Sameyda; Grupo Yakal siksa; Big Five; Albert Ssempeke and the Master Musicians; Nakayima, Flavia; Ilov, Asen; Besa Albanian Group; Romanian Radio Folk Music Orchestra; Mbenzane, Valdimar; Gerov, Ivan; Kha

A sizzling mosaic of music from sixteen countries and five continents. Music that you never knew of, melodies that have survived for centuries and songs created just the other day. Blues from the Mekong Delta and topical verses from the streets of Kampala, funeral tunes and love songs - enormous variety! Percussion intertwining with lutes and flutes. Let an amadinda, a cinh-k’naar or a kaval enthrall you! Listen to great singers and instrumental virtuosos! These recordings were made in site but are neither traditional field recordings nor regular studio products. “We recorded authentic music, the kind that can be of interest to listeners the world over”, to quote Sten Sandahl, one of the producers who contributed to the series ”Music from…”. The majority of these recordings were made with support from SIDA with the aim of raising the status of music both inside and outside the countries.

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