Wagner: Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg

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Saxon State Opera Chorus, Dresden; Astakhov, Roman; Wagner, Jacquelyn; Hübner, Christian; Vogel, Patrick; Kowaljow, Vitalij; Kohlhepp, Sebastian; Mayer, Christa; Eröd, Adrian; Grossinger, Rupert; Staatskapelle Dresden; Frandsen, Adam; Thielemann, Christian; Vogt, Klaus Florian; Miesenberger, Markus; Salzburg Bach Choir; Haumer, Gün­ter; Park, Jongmin; Pall, Levente; Ciobanu, Iurie; Zeppenfeld, Georg

Christian Thielemann writes: “I see Die Meistersinger as the pivot and central point of Wagner’s entire oeuvre. On the one hand it is a reaction to Tristan; on the other, he had found himself in a blind alley with Siegfried, and together those two works showed him the way out of it. The fascinating thing about Die Meistersinger is that you can find everything in it. Hero and anti-hero, comedy and tragedy, upperclass and lower-class lovers, burlesque and reflection, the old and the new, in short a whole world. The magic words summing it up for me are ‘atmosphere’ and ‘poetry’. How can I, as a conductor, make the music glitter in its exaggerations and parodies, and at the same time lend it authority? Conversely, how can I make its emotionalism sound not false but genuine, emphasizing the deeply felt popular note in the music? Wagner is fundamentally asking his interpreters to square the circle, which is what makes Die Meistersinger such a difficult work to perform. Perhaps it can succeed only by osmosis, if we open ourselves up entirely to all its moods, colours and aromas, inhaling them so deeply that they naturally emerge from us again at the right moment.”

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