Silk & Tweed

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Label: Fra Bernardo
Catalog: FB2085199

Skuplik, Veronika; Arend, Andreas

Nicola Matteis came to England about the year 1672, and the earliest account we have of his wonderful powers on the violin is given us by the gossiping Pepys: “November 19, 1674. I heard that stupendous violin, Sig. Nicholao (with other rare musicians), whom I never heard mortal man exceed on that instrument. He had a stroke so sweet, and made it speak like the voice of a man, and, when he pleased, like a consort of several instruments. He did wonders upon a note and was an excellent composer. Here was also that rare lutenist Dr. Walgrave; but nothing approached the violin in Nicholao’s hand. He played such ravishing things as astonished us all." 

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