Dykyi Lys

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Wild, adaptable and able to survive, doing what she wants to do and what she can do best, sympathetically stubborn, determined and intelligent – this is Ganna Gryniva, who as the 84th protagonist of the now internationally appreciated talent launch pad of the Jazz thing Next Generation has a kind of special status. Because the singer, composer, pianist, bandleader, side-woman, interdisciplinary performance and free improvisation artist with a focus on life and creation in the German capital does not exclusively seek her own voice with a toolbox of music. She cleverly combines different sensory worlds from jazz and Ukrainian folk to classical and experimental music and dance. And she improvises, preferably with drummer Joe Smith in the duo JOGA, or, as her teacher and mentor Michael Schiefel advised her, with loop station and effects. Eventually Ganna even began to exchange ideas with dancers, such as Linda Berberich at the SURfF Festival in Berlin. And she loves composing. “Turning soaring feelings and thoughts into tangible tones and sounds is what I call magic. For me, improvisation is like real-time composition!” This album is the result of her research into Ukranian folklore, supported by the New Liszt Foundation scholarship.

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