Spectrum, Vol. 1

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Catalog: Phasma021

Steinke, Greg A.; Sigler, Andrew; Navarro Belbruno, Jose Rodrigo; Lara, Pedro Castillo; Santillán Alcocer, Ana Paola; Dibley, Paul; Franek, John; Papageorgiou, Dimitri; Sauter, Hélène; Georgiadis, Alexandros; Chan, Chin Ting; Shirangi, Soheil; Lin, Mei-Fang

Spectrum Vol.1 is a new album of electroacoustic compositions that explores these ideas through a musical meditation on time and space, represent traces of the collective imagination, and similarities between different cultures point and a shared human experience. Each work depicts a sonic landscape that serves as a musical reflection of a space with cross-cultural significance. Each space’s sound world is evoked through the use of a different custom-built amplified vessel for each movement. The album features 14 world premiere recordings of new and varied electronic and electroacoustic music by 13 living composers.

Price: $26.99