Unaccompanied Clarinet Works By Women Composers, V

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Label: Mark Records
Catalog: 54672-MCD

McCandless, Amanda

This is Amanda McCandless’s second volume of unaccompanied works by women composers. There are works by prominent clarinetist-composers Theresa Martin and Lori Ardovino, whose knowledge of the clarinet’s abilities allows them to create uniquely expressive and technically challenging works. Also included is Shulamit Ran’s groundbreaking repertoire standard For an Actor...Monologue for Clarinet. Two of the works on the c.d., Paraclete by Tawnie Olson and Ackerbatics by Rebecca Burkhardt, are unique within the clarinet’s repertoire. They are among a small handful of unaccompanied clarinet works that require the clarinetist to play percussion instruments in addition to or while playing the clarinet. These are the premiere recordings of most of these works, and McCandless is hopeful that this c.d. brings greater attention to the work of these talented women composers and inspires women to keep writing for the clarinet.

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