Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

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Catalog: ACD5106

Nordic Voices

Sometimes you come across music that you think you have never heard before. As a performer you open the score, and you realize that this time you are dealing with a composer that has a vision of a sound that you have no clue of how you are going to find. It is one small step for a composer, one giant leap for a performer. Nordic Voices has had the privilege of dealing with such encounters quite often during their 22 years of existence. ‘Some of these works have defined us as a vocal ensemble, moving the posts of where we thought we could go musically, and they have deepened our understanding of music and of humanity in ways that we did not know was possible. This recording includes such pieces of music.’ The release is also a celebration of Lasse Thoresen, who turns 70 October 18th. Thoresen has been one of the composers Nordic Voices has cooperated with for the longest time. ‘Land of Your Love’, premiered in 2018, examines, among other topics, women’s lack of freedom, expression and religion in the world in general – and specifically in Iran. Thoresen makes use of old modes from Iranian music, developing traditional melodies in a polyphonic style.