Il Canto Della Sirena

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Label: Pan classics
Catalog: PC10390

Borciani, Alice; Bacchetta, Catherine Pillonel; Gonçalves, Rogério; Dufresne, Annie; A Corte Musical

The beguiling song of the sirens, which according to legend lured the sailors to their doom on the strait near Capri, has been a theme for many poets and musicians. For Homer, Odysseus had himself tied to the mast of his ship to hear the songs for himself, while he stuffed wax into the ears of his sailors to protect them from misfortune. Around 1600, with the appearance of the stile moderno, affects and emotions became of crucial interest for composers. With this development, the songs of the mermaids – as epitome of seduction and emotion - also got incorporated into their array of inspirational materials. Rogerio Gonçalves and A Corte Musical set out in search of siren-related music and have created this beautiful collection with songs from Baroque Spain, Italy and England.

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