New Music For Solo Violin

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Catalog: TC940003

Arnoldi, Roberto

Roberto Arnoldi, a talented young violinist from Bergamo, on this album plays a mix of pieces for solo violin by contemporary composers, some of which are specifically dedicated to him. By discovering these new works by Davide Anzaghi, Fabio Vacchi, Rossella Spinosa, Giuseppe Garbarino and Natale Arnoldi (Roberto's father), the Arnoldi stretches his own abilities as well as the listener’s experiences. “Side by side with my study of the great classical masterpieces for solo violin, I have always been eager to deal with contemporary compositions, stimulated as I was by the persuasion that the new techniques required for the correct interpretation of present-day pieces are an important occasion for maturing and also very useful for “going back” to confront pieces from the past.” (Arnoldi)

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