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Martin Fröst and Concerto Köln

Martin Fröst’s new album is a baroque adventure based on the question: What might Vivaldi have composed for the clarinet if it had been more fully developed? For this recording three clarinet concertos have been newly composed, made up of music drawn from Vivaldi’s most beautiful opera and oratorio arias. Martin Fröst and Concerto Köln create a wonderful symbiosis between the old and the new.TRACKLISTAntonio Vivaldi 1678–1741Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No. 1 in B-flat major “Sant’ Angelo”1           I         Allegro after the Aria “Lo seguitai felice” from L’Olimpiade RV 725                                                   2           II        Adagio after the Aria “Mentre dormi, Amor fomenti” from L’Olimpiade RV 725     3           III       Molto Allegro after the Aria “Gelosia” from Ottone in villa RV 7294–6      Sinfonia in C major from Il Giustino RV 717Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No. 2 “La Fenice”7            I          Allegro molto after the Aria “Alma opressa” from La fida ninfa RV 714                                                  8            II         Adagio after the Aria “Vedrò con mio diletto” from Il Giustino RV 717                                                                   9            III        Allegro vivace after the Aria “Armatae face” from Juditha triumphans RV 64410–12   Sinfonia in C major from L’Olimpiade RV 725Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No. 3 in F major “Il Mezzetino”13          I         Andante after  the Aria “Sento in seno” from Il Giustino RV 717                                                14          II        Allegro after the Aria “Quamvis ferro” from Juditha triumphans RV 644                                               15          III       Andante after the Aria “Sento in seno” from Il Giustino RV 717                                                 16          IV      Allegro after the Aria “L’Innocenza sfortunata” from Tieteberga RV 737                               17          Air for Chalumeau “La Tortora” after the Aria “Veni, veni, me sequere fida” from Juditha triumphans RV 644Martin Fröst clarinetConcerto KölnConcertos and Air arranged by Andreas N. Tarkmann