Jean Maurice Mourat

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Label: IBS
Catalog: IBS-232019

Inestal, Eduardo; Marquez, Hector E.; Morillas, Jose Luis; Castiblanque, Javier; Clerch, Joaquin; Coronado, Mery; Neriishi, Atsuko

Jean Maurice Mourat writes: “Any physical or external journey implies taking an interior one, one that reaches sensations and impressions and catches the general atmosphere and feelings. I visited Granada and the Alhambra Palace for the first time in September 1976. Many adjectives come to my mind to describe that personal experience but if I was to sum it up I would say it was love at first sight. Shortly afterwards, I felt compelled to discover the rest of this magnificent region of Southern Spain, Andalucia, one that has inspired me the most and for which I wrote a great deal of music pieces. It could be because I found there a great wealth of colors and emotions, along with a source of inspiration in the local folk art and Spanish classical music that completed my musical training, which completed my personal inspiration. Inspiration comes from a soul explosion and in the ‘Alma Andaluza’ [‘the Andalucian soul’] - although there have been precedents in other recordings- I declare my love and respect for this land. This album is the result of my thirty years of living in the region. Throughout this musical journey, one may find elements of the Spanish and local folk songs in the various scales, melodies and motifs, including in the compositions themselves. The ongoing dialogue between the instruments, the harmony between the various ensembles, the brilliant interpretation and rich colour effects assert the high professional and artistic quality of the musicians. They merge the listener into a quite harmonious atmosphere.”

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