Intermissions - Works By J.s. Bach, Mozart, Beetho

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Catalog: GD419

Ivanov, Svetozar

In his latest album Intermissions, pianist Svetozar Ivanov continues his tradition of creating compact discs with thematic unity and artistic cohesiveness. In the year of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, Svetozar Ivanov juxtaposes the composer’s last Piano Sonata in C Minor op. 111 with Contrapunctus I from J. S. Bach’s last work The Art of Fugue, and Mozart’s Sonata K. 330 in C Major. Four Intermissions, by the American avant-garde composer Morton Feldman, who describes the peace and timelessness of these works as “vibrating stasis”, serve as an audio palate cleanser between each work. The album cover displays one of Edward Hopper’s last paintings Intermission, a powerful representation of a solitary figure in a public space. Intermissions is Svetozar Ivanov’s fifth solo album with Gega New. In a fast-paced world where one rarely listens to an entire album, he keeps producing albums with unifying feel and pace, ones that ideally should be experienced as a complete concert.

Price: $20.99