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Catalog: FA5757

Roché, Jean-Claude; Fort, Bernard

At the time of questioning about the return to nature and the pre-eminence of ecological issues, this box set offers for the first time an interview with the greatest French audio-naturalist; Jean-Claude Roché, put into perspective with the sound extracts of songs of birds and biotopes, which he collected throughout his life. Directed by Bernard Fort, founder of GMVL, this interview of more than 3 hours 30 minutes looks back on the journey of this Virgilian ferryman of the sounds of nature: from his meeting with the composer Olivier Messiaen, from the publication of the first album on the birds of Camargue which was going to obtain the Grand Prix of the disc of the Charles Cros Academy, until the realization of more than 150 recordings in different environments, guides of species and atmospheres, and finally the creation of the CEBA which was going to become the spirit of the French audio-naturalist school. This illustrated interview is the true manifesto of one of the greatest ambassadors of ecological testimony to the beauty of life.

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