Norig & No Gypsy Orchestra

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Catalog: FA8572

Jacquot, Meivelyan; Lévy, Mathias; Norig, ; Viquesnel, Joris; Bogdanic, Lyica; Lorang, Olivier

Pop energy songs at the crossroads of Gypsy music and Folk. Norig & No Gypsy orchestra is an invitation to discover the colorful horizons of a striking artist. In this one-of-a-kind Pop/World album, visceral, radiant and sensual, the intoxicating power in Norig's voice gives you the shivers. Eastern gypsy music, or Romanian music, she says, is a mixture of influences, both oriental and occidental. “It has its roots in India. And what’s funny is that in our concert in Chennai, we played a song which they recognized as an Indian song. I didn’t know that, I learnt it from the Romanian people. The music actually travelled from India to Egypt and other places and is also influenced by gypsy jazz in France. That’s what I like about it, it’s so rich.”

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