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Catalog: DUX1649


2020 is a jubilee year for the Paderewski Center in Kasna Dolna, which gives great reason to release this album. “Reminiscencje” is the story of the institution’s three decades of activity, told by the outstanding Polish artists associated with it. Almost all of the musicians on the album toured in Kasna many times, becoming an integral part of the flagship festivals. Piotr Pławner, Mariusz Patyra, Tomasz Strahl, Robert Morawski and Klaudiusz Baran are not only excellent instrumentalists, but also friends of the Paderewski Center who have always responded with kindness and approval to its artistic ideas - even the breakneck ones. "Reminiscences" is a sentimental journey. As photographs are stuck to a traditional album, here we upload songs that, like musical events, bring back memories and emotions. It's music that plays in our souls. And we want to share this music, because that is what Kąśna Dolna sounds like.

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