Hits & Other Gems / Jann Arden

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Format: CD

Jann Arden

1. Could I Be Your Girl (original album Living Under June, 1994) 2. Everybody's Pulling On Me (original album These Are The Days, 2018) 3. The Sound Of (original album Happy?, 1997) 4. Cherry Popsicle (original album Blood Red Cherry, 2000) 5. You Don't Know Me (Greatest Hurts: The Best of Jann Arden, 2001/My Best Friend’s Wedding OST) 6. Mother Mine with Zoie Palmer (first original song from comedy series, JANN, 2019) 7. I Would Die For You (original album Time For Mercy, 1993) 8. Sleepless (original album Blood Red Cherry, 2000) 9. The Way Things Are Going (original album Time For Mercy, 1993) 10. Insensitive (live version from JANN ARDEN ONE NIGHT ONLY on CTV, 2019) 11. Lovesong with Scott Helman (The Cure cover recorded as part of Scott Helman’s Hotel Sessions series, 2019) 12. Good Mother (original album Living Under June, 1994)

Hits & Other Gems will consist of 12 tracks including Arden’s hits “Could I Be Your Girl” and “I Would Die For You,” and a cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong” recorded with Scott Helman as part of his Hotel Sessions series. The album will also include a live version of “Insensitive” that was recorded this past November for JANN ARDEN ONE NIGHT ONLY, a one‐hour original special that aired exclusively on CTV and streams on Crave, and three songs featured in the upcoming second season of her critically‐acclaimed comedy series, JANN.

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