Wiseman: The Mythos Suite / Stephen Fry

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Label: DECCA
Catalog: B003180702
Format: CD


1. The Story of Chaos 2. Tempest - The Music of Chaos 3. The Story of Rhea 4. Hidden Danger - The Music of Rhea 5. The Story of Persephone 6. Demeter - The Music of Persephone 7. The Story of Apollo and Marsyas 8. Aegeon Sea - The Music of Apollo and Marsyas 9. The Story of Sisyphus 10. Voyage of Scyrus - The Music of Sisyphus

Audio Network brings together Stephen Fry's storytelling talents with Debbie Wiseman OBE's celebrated skills as a composer. The music, composed by Wiseman, was inspired by Fry's work Mythos, an international bestseller that re-tells the Greek myths, and developed with him. This 5-track suite of long-form compositions showcases musical tales from the beginning of time (Chaos), together with those of Apollo and Marsyas, Persephone, Rhea and Sisyphus, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra.

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