Music Of Japan: The Legacy Of Myoonten

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Catalog: EUCD2897
Format: CD

Yamato Ensemble

Performing traditional Japanese music on traditional instruments, Yamato Ensemble honors the legacy of Myoonten. Myoonten (also known as Benzaiten) is the goddess of learning, of beauty, of the arts, of eloquence. She is originated from the Hindu goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, music and art. As Saraswati is associated strongly with rivers, so Myoonten is goddess of everything that flows: of water, time, words, speech, music.... In these pieces, Yamato Ensemble honor Myoonten’s legacy as “the goddess of wonderful sounds”. Yamato Ensemble have been playing together for decades; on this special recording, they perform on koto, shakuhachi, jushichigen, shakuroku, and the now-rarely heard kokyu. “graceful and supple musicianship…” – “elegant and poised…” – Elsewhere, NZ

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